Best Silicone Sealants for 2022

Why we need  to use the Right Silicone Sealants in Glass Engineering?

Silicone sealants are powerful and appropriate for numerous applications. They are formulated to be stable and flexible when exposed to very high or low temperatures. For this reason, they offer invaluable help when bonding glass and other building materials in the construction industry. In this article, we will discuss silicone sealants in glass engineering.

Reason: The rise of protective glass and how it works

Protective glass is a safety glass with increased strength compared to normal ones. These glasses are used in various applications, including shower doors, vehicle windows, aquariums, glass doors, tables, cookware, bulletproof glass components, mobile screen protectors, diving masks, and refrigerator trays. In addition, protective glass is used when there is a need for safety, strength, and thermal resistance.  

Protective glass breaks differently from normal glass. It shatters into even small pieces while standard glass breaks into big and uneven pieces. This helps to avoid accidents with sharp edges. Protective glass is also resistant to shock, heat, and scratch.

how silicone sealants work


How silicone sealants work

Good to know: Types of silicone sealants

Here are different types of silicone sealants:

  • Low modulus sealants: they are stretchy, less hardwearing, very long-lasting, provide great adhesion, and can accommodate more movements. Besides that, these sealants are perfect for applications like perimeter seals, glass wall assemblies, curtain walling, glazing windows in swimming pool areas, and polyester powder-coated frames.
  • High modulus sealants: they are less stretchy and more hardwearing. These sealants are great for sealing showers, baths, sinks, kitchen worktops, washbasins, and other sanitary applications. In addition, they are used on showcases, shopfronts, glass and glass joints.
  • Acetoxy silicone sealants: they release acetic acid that smells like vinegar while curing. The silicone sealant cure when there is atmospheric moisture. Furthermore, they have a fast cure time(24hours) and adhere better to surfaces like countertop sealing, bathrooms, bathtubs, kitchen backsplashes, windows, and door frames. Nonetheless, they release an acid that can affect delicate electronic components and cause corrosion.
  • Neutral silicone sealants: they release alcohol while curing and have almost no smell. Moreover, they are slower to cure(1-5 days) depending on thickness and humidity conditions. They provide great adhesive properties to glass, plastics, lead, aluminium, stone, and masonry materials.

How to choose the right silicone sealants in glass engineering

  • Temperature: a good silicone sealant should have a higher ability to withstand high temperatures and low temperatures.
  • Waterproof: a pure silicone sealant is 100% waterproof to keep moisture and rain.
  • Durability: durability is important in glass engineering. Whether fixing doors, windows, or bathrooms, you need silicone that provides four times durability.
  • Aesthetic finish: they come in more than 50 colors. Choose the one that complements your décor.

Which to choose: Using SANVO silicone sealants for your glass engineering

Sanvo has been a leading silicone sealant manufacturer since 1994. The company makes strong adhesion silicone sealants that withstand harsh temperatures. Therefore, it makes them great for glass engineering. In addition to that, these sealants are formulated to give the best results on most surfaces. Sanvo prides a reliable quality control team that ensures all products pass through inspection and tests to ensure quality. Also, we have met international certifications like CE, SGS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and other local certifications.  

SANVO silicone sealants


SANVO silicone sealants

Conclusion: SANVO quality silicone sealants is the best choice for glass engineering 

As mentioned above, one of the most applications of silicone sealants is glass engineering. These sealants form a long-lasting, weatherproof, and great adhesion to glass. Moreover, they are made to flow into tiny spaces and create a durable seal. Since silicone is quite fluid, it runs downs to cracks when applied to glass. SANVO has quality silicone sealants that retain their stability and elasticity in harsh conditions.

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