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Pioneering Acrylic Spray Paint

SANVO acrylic spray paint allows for easy application of paint films onto most surfaces. Different industries utilize our spray paint products such as hardware stores, vehicle repair shops, supermarket/retail stores, auto parts stores.


What makes us the best acrylic spray paint manufacturer in the market is the special formulation of our paint that quickly dries and has high weather resistance. SANVO’s robust production facility with an annual capacity of 100 million cans makes us your trusted acrylic spray paint supplier.

Common Applications




Auto Industry

How We Bring Real-World Tested Acrylic Spray Paint

Acrylic Spray Paint Designed for Market Need

Addressing market demands for long-lasting acrylic spray paint involves the right container. Each container creates an airtight seal that prevents any spillage while preserving the content for a significantly long period. The acrylic spray paint also satisfies the demand for fast-acting paint that dries quickly upon application to various surfaces.

Expert on Manufacturing High-End Acrylic Spray Paint

SANVO is a fine chemical product manufacturer with a dedicated SV base with 18,600 square meters of workspace for manufacturing acrylic spray paint. With 14 well-equipped production lines and several dedicated staff, we can complete bulk orders even during peak periods. Through our strict QC system, all of our acrylic spray paints comply with ISO, RoHS, and Reach standards.

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Can & Accessories

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Packaging & Labeling

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