SANVO aerosols allow for easy and accurate distribution of various chemicals and solutions to different surfaces. Utilizing advanced containers with optimized air-sealant, our aerosols result in better on-going equipment maintenance.


Ground-Breaking Aerosol Solutions


One of the efficient methods of applying various solutions onto most surfaces is our aerosol products. The dispersal rate and precision of our aerosol solution make it suitable for applying paint to automobiles, lubricants to manufacturing equipment, and much more.

SANVO is the benchmark for quality aerosol solutions through the incorporation of high-grade raw materials for superior contaminant-free containers and optimal application performance. Accomplishing bulk orders of aerosol products with a short lead-time is possible with our robust production capabilities, making us your reliable aerosol supplier.

Product Features

Achievable Standards of Product Formula

Accomplishing your sustainable industrial standards is achievable through our customizable aerosol services. SANVO complies with international standards while satisfying your requirements.

Committed to Provide High-Grade Aerosols


Versatile Aerosols as Different Use Products

Distribution of nearly any paint, cleaners, and lubricant is made easy through our aerosol products. Any solution, suspension, or emulsion filling is possible since the chilling does not happen during the process. Each container is air-tight to prevent any contamination from reaching the products. Browse our aerosols application. Any end-users can apply various fillings onto different surfaces without any tools or power usage.


SANVO – Leading Manufacturer of Aerosols with 14 Production Lines

SANVO is an experienced aerosol supplier since 2002 with more than 50 registered patents for various products. With 18,600 square meters of factory space, 14 aerosol production lines, and qualified workers, we can create 100 million cans per year. You can tap into any emerging market demands with our robust production capabilities.

Work With SANVO. Paint Your Future.

We’re proud to bring superior quality paint and coating products, and help facilitate your business in this competitive and promising market.


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