Wall Paint and Waterproof Coating

SANVO cements its presence in the industry with our customizable wall paints, waterproof & coating offerings covered by national patents, making them the best option for your brand.


Unique Wall Paint and Waterproofing Coating Solutions

Mainly targeting the home building market and homeowners, waterproofing & coating products cover home and office surfaces to protect them from severe weather. SANVO is a leader in manufacturing waterproofing & coating products, producing high-value products for more than 26 years and gaining national patents along the way.
Our Exterior & Interior Latex Wall Paints have outstanding functions: anti-mold & alkali resistant; waterproof; washability and cover hair-line cracks, delivering good protection for walls. Their good opacity & adhesion also allow the wall colors very durable and beautiful. SANVO provides customized color service – we make your dream color come true at a competitive price.
We use high-quality raw materials and established production techniques to achieve desired results while offering customizable options to help you cater to your market requirements.

Product Features

Achievable Standards of Product Formula

SANVO manufactures commercial waterproofing & coating products with a world-class eco-friendly formula that are fully-customizable to match your industry demands.
SANVO Emulsion Paints are eco-friendly, high-performance wall paints, which formula is upgraded with a new ingredient –polymer acrylic copolymer emulsion, effectively reducing harmful air pollutants.

Committed to Provide Weather-Resistant Waterproofing & Coating


Waterproofing & Coating Bring Ample Protection from Water and Rain

Waterproof & coating products provide homes and buildings with ample protection from water and rain, making them sturdier and longer. Most markets seek waterproofing products that are easy to use and have more to offer than just water resistance. SANVO takes care of these needs and more with our high-quality materials and custom options to create unique waterproofing solutions.



Efficient Manufacturer of Waterproofing & Coating Focusing on Efficiency

With over 26 years of expertise, SANVO is your manufacturer of choice for reliable waterproofing & coating products. Focusing on efficiency and consistency, we utilize cutting-edge equipment and modern research laboratories to produce exceptional waterproofing & coating products that we customize based on your requirements.

Work With SANVO. Paint Your Future.

We’re proud to bring superior quality paint and coating products, and help facilitate your business in this competitive and promising market.


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