Thread Locker

SANVO manufactures a range of thread lockers with different strength. Request a free quote for your B2B business.


Threadlocking Adhesives

Threadlockers, or called thread-locking adhesives, apply between two mating threads to secure and thread nuts, and bolts in place. After curing, they will form a strong bond to protect threads from rust, and corrosion and prevent loosening from shock, and vibration.
SANVO’s excellent thread lockers help you eliminate fastener loosening and prevent failure. Our products are widely used in automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, etc.
SANVO provides various types of threadlocker adhesive, like medium or high strength, tube or bottle, red or blue. please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Common Applications

Nuts and Bolts

Metal Fasteners

Motorcycle Brake

Car Tire

Product Features

Achievable Standards of Product Formula

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