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Adhesives & Sealants for Automotive

Automotive adhesives and sealants are binding substance used by automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to bond different substrate of metal, eliminating the need for welding and mechanical bolts, welds and rivets. Adhesive ranges from thermoplastic and reactive hot melts to pressure sensitive and dispersion adhesives. Adhesives and sealants play an important role in various applications ranging from interior, exterior to electronics and offer solution to reduce vehicle weight.

Adhesives and sealants being a crucial element of automotive manufacturing are being used in motor vehicles ranging from sports cars to heavy trucks. Beyond traditional applications, such as windshields, thread lockers, adhesives have penetrated into applications which otherwise would have performed only through thermal and mechanical joining methods, including the frame, body, dashboard, engine and weather stripping.

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Scope of Adhesives & Sealents Application

Widely applied in auto, marine, transportation, and other industries, adhesives and sealants are intended to work fast. At room temperature, our sealants and gaskets harden and form tight bonds on most surfaces.

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RTV Gasket Maker

Let’s learn what is RTV Gasket Maker and where to use. You can know more product information that helps you do a better work with RTV gasket maker.

Windshield glass glue SV571 4

PU Windshield Adhesive

It is a single component moisture curing polyurethane sealant, using advanced technology and formula, as well as the quality material.
how to use sanvo thread locker

Thread Locker

Threadlockers, same as anaerobic adhesives,  widely used in auto industry.  SANVO manufactures quality thread lockers with different strength.

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