• SANVO Premium Strength Threadlocker SH 271
  • SANVO Premium Strength Threadlocker SH 271

Premium Strength Threadlocker SH-271

SANVO Threadlocker SH-271 is designed for the permanent locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. It protects threads from rust and corrosion and prevents loosening from shock and vibration. It is only removable once cured by heating up parts to 500°F (260°C).

  • Size Case 10g, 50g, 250g, 1000g
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  • Prevents rusting

  • Permanent seal

  • High strength

  • Protects threads

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents rusting of threads

  • Permanent seal, prevents tampering

  • Prevents loosening of metal fasteners caused by vibrations

  • Protects threads

  • High strength

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Product Parameters

Color: Red
Appearance: Liquid
Base: Dimethylacrylate easter
Application Temperature: Apply above 50℉(10℃)
Set Time: ≤15 minutes
Service Temperature -55℃ to 150℃
Viscosity: 400-800mPa.s/25±2℃
Shelf life  24 months

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