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    Color the Future & Link Great Opportunities

    In 2020, SANVO was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (301.HK) and has now developed into a well-known brand in the fine chemical industry. We firmly believe that "science and technology benefit life, innovation leads the future".

  • Our Know-How Guarantees To Meet All Your Needs

    OEM Services

    With over 30-year of experiences in the construction industry and car care maintenance, SANVO is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our excellent OEM/ODM services. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership.

  • Mainly Used in Auto & Building Construction

    SANVO Ground-Breaking Aerosol Solution

    SANVO has been an experienced aerosol supplier since 2002, with more than 50 registered patents for various products, including Spray Paint, Versatile Industrial Aerosol Lube, and Cleaner. Our large factory space and plenty of production lines bring us robust production capabilities.

  • Premium Fine Chemical Manufacturer
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SANVO Fine Chemicals

Stay Ahead in the Competitive Industry

As SANVO in Chinese means “holding all the aces”, we commit to the scientific advancement of our line of products to foster strong partnerships with global brands. A leading expert in the fine chemical industry, we continuously improve our strategic control, chemistry, and technical capabilities to satisfy diverse needs.


SANVO is the expert in B2B business, providing OEM/ODM, Custom, Wholesale, and Distrobutor services all over the world. We hope to get a WIN-WIN result with you by our co-operation.

Full Line of SANVO Products

Made easy to use, our line of chemical products delivers quick-drying action. We supply Aerosol Spray Paints that provide surfaces with durable finishes, excellent performance Waterproof Coatings, as well as Hardware Lubricants, Sealants & Adhesives that create long-lasting bonds.

Bold steps forward.

Polished, Professional, and Prepared

For 26 years, SANVO has always worked with ambitious partners that demand high quality products for a wider market. We meet their demands through our reliable supply network and precise manufacturing.

SANVO experience spans industries.

Broad Scope of Product Application

SANVO is your one-stop-shop for aerosol, sealants, and coating for hardware, decoration, construction, and other industries. With decades of experience, we understand the needs of these industries and create custom options that cater to specific applications.

From raw materials to formulation, we got you covered. Equipped with automated production lines, our factory produces at large volumes to accommodate wide product demand.

Why Choose SANVO



SANVO was issued a Certificate of Sanitary Production Unit for our dedication to environmental protection and clean, safe workshops. To continue our pursuit for long-term sustainable development in the business, our experts publish new findings regularly to help elevate industry standards and add new members to our research team.



Tested for their safety, our equipment is continually updated to rise to effectively boost production. Numerous high-speed production lines are updated to maximize our efficiency in creating our line of products. Workshops are expanded and divided into different specialties to widen the manufacturing of our fine chemical products.


Quality Control

SANVO cooperates with high-end suppliers to acquire quality raw materials and packaging. Equipped with various R&D instruments, our facilities regularly inspect raw materials and the performance of finished products. Every plant has a dedicated quality inspection department and laboratories for constant testing at every step of production


Service & Cooperation

SANVO is your one-stop shop for procuring quality chemical products, allowing for diverse customization to design the right product for your industry. We expand your reach to wider markets through our technical support and marketing strategies. As such, we are connected to global markets.

News & Blog

Look through our company blogs and write-ups for more insight into how our product development and growing global network will help shape your business.

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