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Long-Lasting Waterproofing Coating

SANVO waterproofing coating products, including interior and exterior coating, make roofs and surfaces highly resistant to water, and is a standard fixture for home builders and building construction.


SANVO offers the market affordable and dependable waterproofing coating solutions that are fully-customizable to suit your market’s diverse needs. Backed by our established supply chain and state-of-the-art production facility, we meet orders of any quantity with the consistent quality your brand can stand on.


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How We Bring Long-Lasting Waterproofing Coating

SANVO Waterproofing Coating Solutions Make Surfaces Retain Perfection

Experts in the construction industry require waterproof coating products that make surfaces water-resistant and help structures retain their integrity longer. SANVO understands this need, and our waterproofing coating features a patented formulation with UV protection and anti-algal protection, allowing the surface to stay strong and durable.


Waterproofing Coating Manufacturer with Ample Industry Knowledge

Our wealth of knowledge in the industry has given us a distinct advantage in manufacturing waterproofing coating that fits the market trends. Established partnerships with renowned material suppliers and logistics agencies, we get the job done on-time, all the time, with consistent results.

Work With SANVO. Paint Your Future.

We’re proud to bring superior quality paint and coating products, and help facilitate your business in this competitive and promising market.


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