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As a specialist in car cleaning products, SANVO manufactures and supplies professional quality cleaning, valeting, detailing, and protection auto spray products for workshops, automotive manufacturers, and retailers. Contact us for private-label car chemical products and cost-effective solutions.


Reliable auto chemical cleaner & sprays

Maintaining the exterior of your car is not complete without addressing the dirt and grime that can accumulate in the engine bay – even if it is not directly exposed to the elements, dirt and dust can find its way in through small openings and can reduce the lifespan of the car. To avoid this, it is important to regularly clean out the engine bay.


SANVO offers top-of-the-line car care solutions so that your vehicle parts can run efficiently. We have a wide selection of auto chemical sprays to keep your automobile looking pristine and improve its performance. Plus, our aerosol car cleaners are engineered to keep your car running in top condition for many years, with an air-tight container that extends the life of the product.


Besides, SANVO offers a variety of car cleaning sprays that help maintain surfaces and achieve a polished look, including tire cleaner, dashboard spray and multi-purpose foam cleaner. These products are popular among electronics manufacturers, factory equipment makers and repair contractors. Quote us for best price today!

Common Applications

Car maintenance

Cleaning car brake

Cleaning car tyre

Cleaning hardware

Custom Options

Besides high quality and competitive prices, the formulation, package, label of our cleaners is also customizable to address the demands of specific markets. That’s why our clients – such as electronic manufacturers, factory equipment makers, and repair contractors – are satisfied with SANVO. Quote us today!


Can & Accessories

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Packaging & Labeling

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How We Bring Marketable Industrial Aerosol Cleaner

Industrial Aerosol Cleaner with Efficient Removal Ability

One of the major demands among the market for an industrial aerosol cleaner is the efficient removal of grease, oils, flux, and other debris without harming the surface. SANVO’s in-house R&D team uses a special formulation to address this demand while offering different products for specific applications such as oil removal.


Reliable Industrial Aerosol Lube Supplier with Short Lead-Time

Accomplishing bulk orders with a short lead-time during peak periods is owed to SANVO’s certified factories that have 18,600 square meters of workspace and 14 aerosol production lines. With our compliance with ISO, RoHS, and Reach standards, we help you tap into emerging market demands while creating a strong foundation of customer trust.

Work With SANVO. Paint Your Future.

We’re proud to bring superior quality paint and coating products, and help facilitate your business in this competitive and promising market.


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