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In Sanvo Chemicals, we know your car is essential to you. With over a decade of experience in researching, developing and perfecting our product line, we have become a name that drivers in the automotive industry know and trust. Our videos and detailed instructions provide a wealth of helpful information to show you the best results each time.

We have developed a complete line of vehicle care products for auto detailing and maintenance professionals, car washes, retailers, OEMs and consumers. From exterior and interior detailing to mechanical maintenance, keep car maintenance easy and simple, all year round. SANVO has proven high-performance products to meet your needs.

Rich Experience

With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide a variety of car care products.

Utilitarian Design

Different size of the can and spray head, even with your formulation.

Top Quality

Car Maintenance Tips to help keep your vehicle in good shape

Perfect After-Sales Service

Our qualified support team answers any questions within 12 hours.

Specific Applications

Below are the common uses of our car care products for the industry. When you need guidance, our consultants can recommend a solution for your needs.

Scope of Aeroslos Application

SANVO aerosol sprays could help you do more for your car, including reairing appearance, cleaning auto interior & exterior. With professional sprays, your car will be as good as new.

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Car body

Car Appearance

Let’s see how do automotive aerosol spray paints work in repairing appearance.

Car Dashboard Cleaning

Car Interior Cleaning

Using SANVO auto cleaning spray can help you make it easy to clean your car exterior.

car exterior cleaning

Car Exterior Cleaning

SANVO offers premium exterior cleaning sprays allowing you to perform professional services.

Recommended Products

From constructing new buildings to hardware product manufacturing, we have a rich selection of aerosols, adhesives, and waterproofing products for your project.

Raleted Cases

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