SANVO PU Foam Spray

SANVO PU Foam is a one-component, moisture-cured, multi-purpose polyurethane foam filled elastic sealing material; suitable for filling applications in the construction sector in heat preservation and installation, and can be used for bonding, fixing, installation, sound insulation, heat preservation, Heat insulation, sealing, moisture-proof, gas isolation, filling structural vacancies, engineering holes and various cracks and gaps, etc.

  • Gun type 730g×15 cans/carton
  • Tubular type 730g×15 cans/carton
  • Tubular type 580g×15 cans/carton
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  • Excellent adhesion on most substrates

  • High thermal and acoustical insulation

  • Excellent mounting capacities

  • Very good Filling capacities

Product Features

  • Strong Adhesion – Bonds to most building materials; wood, metal, stone, brick, PVC (except PE, PP and PTFE).

  • High Density Foam – Uniform Cell Structure seals out air, moisture and pests

  • Flexibility – High Flexibility withstands building material movement

  • Will not bow or warp window & door frames (no shrink or post expansion).

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Product Parameters

Base Polyurethane
Density 18-20 kg/m3
Service temperature limits of cured foam -55℃ to +100℃
VOC Yellow<613g/l white<601g/l
Propellant Dimethyl Ether
Storage Store locked up. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50℃. Store in a well ventilated place.
Coverage Will produce 80-100m in a 50mm continuous line, or cover 4-6m2

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