Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

SANVO has a great potential to create a sustainable process that can influence other similar industries. We take the responsibility of taking protective measures to the environment by incorporating sustainable practices into our process.

SANVO aims to create value for all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, supply chains, civil society, and the planet.

- Ernest Chan, CEO of SANVO

The Present Determines the Future

Every decision we make today will have an everlasting impact tomorrow, which is why SANVO focuses on the long term benefits instead of short term ones.

Why We Need Sustainability

According to studies, sustainable practices result in better industrial performances and higher value for shareholders.

SANVO eco-friendly solutions to addressing multiple industry requirements allow businesses to form a solid relationship with customers, end-users, and clients.

We also create a strong and unifying foundation among our shareholders by leading the charge in sustainable industry practices.

SANVO Sustainable Values

SANVO invests a significant amount of manpower and material resources in our environmental protection efforts.

Every aerosol, adhesives, and waterproofing film are also made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

Through the efforts and resources we placed in creating a sustainable production process, we lead the charge in a growing coalition of environmental protectors within any industry.

Environmentally-Friendly Actions & Investment

Upholding our commitment to environment protection comes from assigning significant effort and resources to different aspects of SANVO’s process.

Certified Materials & Formula

Working with the top three companies in the corresponding industry ensures a steady supply of certified materials. SANOVO also uses safe eco-friendly raw material and formulation to protect both end-users and the environment.

Sanitary Production Unit

Part of our strive for sustainability is the significant amount of manpower and material resources invested in environmental protection efforts. As proof of our contribution, we received a Certificate of Sanitary Production Unit from an authorities association in Guangdong Province.

Sewage Treatment

SANVO cooperates closely with professional independent agencies for sewage treatment to ensure our wastage does not impact the surrounding environment. Our sewage treatment allows for efficient and cost-effective sanitation.

Sustainable Talent Management Strategy

Environmental protection starts from a strong foundation of experience and knowledge built upon new talents. SANVO’s in-house R&D team has formulated many patents for our aerosol, adhesive, and waterproofing products. We also have our professional paper publications that can achieve a number of scientific studies each year.

Since 2002, we have been recruiting 50 to 100 college graduates each year and invested in providing them with a robust training program. The talent training they go through is based on studies and methods of long-term sustainable development. Also, a post-doctorate workstation is now in preparation for academic talent training.

By building a strong foundation of sustainable practice through our talent management strategy, we encourage natural growth within our company while encouraging a pro-environmental attitude. Over the years, the new talents we help develop can find better and efficient sustainable solutions to further our commitment to an eco-friendly process.


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