RTV Gasket Maker

Choose 2023 high quality Rtv Silicone Gasket Maker products with the best price from SANVO – A certified Chinese adhesive & sealant supplier, wholesaler and factory.


Fast Curing RTV Gasket Makers

For fast work, try out our RTV gasket makers that cure at room temperature and repel water with ease. Resistant to weathering and aging, RTV gasket makers have excellent oil resistance and can withstand thermal cycles without hardening or cracking. SANVO’s RTV silicone gaskets fit heavy-duty applications such as towing and other automobile uses.


Connected to premiere suppliers, we receive quality-assured raw materials that are processed efficiently through our specialized workshops. The factory has 8 gasket glue production lines that increase our work rate for fast manufacturing and delivery of quality gasket makers.

Product Features

Achievable Standards of Product Formula

RTV gasket maker provides extraordinary performance that does not weaken due to chemical exposure, changes in climate, heat or over time. It is able to work effectively even under the most arduous circumstances.


Our RTV silicone gasket makers & sealants are perfect for a variety of applications, such as engines, motors, water pumps, gearboxes, pipes that are exposed to high temperatures, carburetors, compressors, timing covers, and exhaust manifolds.


SANVO, a global exporter & supplier of rtv silicon gasket makers, always produces and supplies great products, using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, so our products have earned a loyal following from our clients. Count on SANVO, and create our win-win business.

Common Applications

Valve covers

Oil pans

Transmission pans

Water pumps

Custom Options

Various colors are availble: Red, gold, sliver, blue, black. Any clolor can be customized.


Pravite label & OEM/ ODM & wholesale services for RTV silicone gasket maker products.


Can & Accessories

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Packaging & Labeling

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How We Bring Temperature-Resistant RTV Gasket Makers

RTV Gasket Makers for Long-Term Use

Our gasket makers are built for long-term use in heavy-duty applications, such as towing and construction work. Providing significant performance around most machinery, our gasket makers offer outstanding oil resistance, excellent torque retention, and hi-temp, sensor-safe properties. Customized gasket makers come in different materials, such as silicone and rubber to provide tight sealing for mold-making and other applications.


Experienced Manufacturer of Fast Curing RTV Gasket Makers

SANVO’s factory has 4 fully automatic twin-screw lines, 8 gasket production lines, and 18 bottling machines capable of boosting productivity and ensuring fast assembly of our gasket makers. Custom formulations ensure that our gasket makers work in any environment and provide long-term finishing. Given our experience, we are ready to provide various custom options for tube sizes and colors.

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