Quality Control

Quality is an important aspect SANVO focuses on when manufacturing all of our products. Our commitment ensures compliance with high standards on aerosol, adhesives, sealants, and waterproofing performance.

SANVO's Authoritative Certifications

Reputable organizations have certified our factory capabilities as well as the quality of our aerosol, adhesives, sealants, waterproofing, and coating products for meeting their strict requirements.

What Makes SANVO QC System Reliable

Backing our strong production quality is our solid QC system foundation that passed the NSF-ISR ISO9001 certification for meeting international caliber on quality control.

QC Team

Experienced QC Team

40 handpicked members of our QC team meet SANVO minimum qualities for the position such as having more than 5 years of experience in significant industries. The experience, skills, and knowledge of our team ensure our capabilities in catching all significant details through our tests and inspections.

Lab Study

Well-Equipped Laboratories

Our entire production base utilizes a well-equipped quality inspection site such as our gas chromatography, spectrophotometer, QUV accelerated aging test machines and more. Conducting thorough tests on our products ensures we meet your expectations owing or our equipment.

Material Control

Raw Materials Determine a Lot

Using a strict screening method for our suppliers, we can secure high-grade materials for our products such as acrylic resin, 107 glue, lubricating oil, and much more. SANVO always adhered to the mid-high end product quality positioning and is in cooperation with the top three suppliers of industrial materials.

Flow Control

Meticulous Production Process Control

SANVO has detailed operating instructions for the 5 major flow control factors – 5M1E. The Flow Control requires us to filter out unqualified semi-finished products in every subtle link, while Operation Guidelines require us to ensure the production quality in terms of equipment maintenance, material performance management, technical means, and operating conditions.

Details Bring Perfection

Performance and shelf-life are affected by the slightest flaw in our aerosol, adhesive, and waterproofing products. Catching any defects through our detail-oriented QC process ensures our products meet your strict standards.

Testing for Aerosol Products

Testing for Adhesives & Sealants

Testing for Waterproofing & Coating Products

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