• Silicone Spray
  • Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray

This product is a colorless and transparent silicone oil, which can be lubricated, demoulded, polished, and rust-proof by spraying a little. It is especially suitable for demolding between the master mold and the silica gel. It is widely used in the production and release of various plastic, rubber, glass and metal industrial products.

  • Color Clear
  • Content 400ml
  • Package 12pcs/carton
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  • Anti-rust

  • Quick-drying

  • Good demoulding effect

  • Convenient and durable

Features and Benefits

  • Good demoulding effect, anti-rust, lubrication.

  • Increase plastic surface smoothness.

  • Convenient and durable, quick-drying.

  • Wide application range.

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Product Parameters

Main Ingredients Dimethicone, LPG
Appearance Colorless viscous liquid
Odour Solvent odour
Gas tightness(55℃) Good
Specific Gravity 0.960~0.980
Moisture ≤0.05%
pressure(25℃) 0.40~0.50
Heat resistance 40±2℃,4 hours to return to room temperature can be used normally
Cold resistance -5±2℃,24 hours to return to room temperature can be used normally
Recommendations widely used for electrical insulation, demoulding and damping. Dustproof, waterproof, etc.
Filling ratio Max 85% of the total volume of can
Spray Rate ≥96%
Shelf Life 24 months

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