Chain Lube

This product is a multifunctional anti-rust lubricating spray made of special adhesive raw materials and special processes. It can form a protective film on the surface of the object to isolate moisture, prevent oxidation/rust, and has good adhesion.

  • Color Clear
  • Content 400ml
  • Package 12pcs/carton
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Features and Benefits

  • With good adhesion, does not drip, is not easy to dry.

  • has a good and long-lasting lubrication effect.

  • Combines functions such as rust prevention, dehumidification, loosening, rust removal, lubrication, cleaning, etc.

  • Will not damage the chain.

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Product Parameters

Main Ingredients Isohexane, polymer adhesive, sodium petroleum,  sulfonate, LPG
Appearance No wear and tear, accurate and clear code without leakage
Odor Solvent odor
Gas tightness(50±1℃) Good
Specific Gravity 0.74~0.76
Permeability Good
Anti-rust performance Good
Lubricity Good
Internal Pressure (25℃) 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa
Recommendations It is suitable for lubrication of wheel hub, chassis motor and chain with high strength and high centrifugal force of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles.
Filling ratio Max 85% of the total volume of the can
Spray Rate ≥96%
Shelf Life 36 months

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