• Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner 1
  • Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner 1

Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

SANVO Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner is rich in surface-active factors, so it has strong penetration and detergency. It utilizes unique foam performance to absorb, wrap, and transfer dirt, and is equipped with excellent washing aids to achieve excellent cleaning effects.

  • Content 650ml
  • Package 506g×12pcs
  • Shelf Life 3 years
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Features and Benifits

  • Multi-purpose, healthy and eco-friendly.

  • Neutral and mild formula, non-corrosive.

  • Foam type without disassembly and washing.

  • Easily remove stubborn stains without leaving traces.

  • Suitable for many different scenarios, simple operation, fast and efficient.

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Product Parameters

Product Title Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner
Main component Ethylene glycol butyl ether, Surfactant, Additives,deionized water and LPG
Appearance Transparent to white liquid
Odour Light lemon fragrance
PH value 8~11
Specific gravity 0.99~1.00(g/cm³)
Net content 650ml/506g (with brush)
Can size Φ65×240mm
Standard Packaging 12 cans per carton
Shelf time 3 years (store in room temperature)
Recommend use Widely used to clean household fabrics, tiles, bathroom ceramics, metals, artificial leather, plastic products, tourist shoes, furniture, door frames, household appliances, latex painted walls, carpets, wallpapers, exhaust fans, range hoods, gas stoves, cars, motorcycles,the inner and outer surfaces of ships.

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