Chain Cleaner

SANVO CHAIN CLEANER is designed to clean chain, not damaging rubber O-ring or metal surface. Suitable for aluminum and Steel. Quickly dissolve and remove stubborn dirt on the chain to maintain good horsepower.

  • Color Clear
  • Content 400ml
  • Package 12pcs/carton
  • Shelf life 36 months
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  • Fast volatilization

  • Excellent solubility

  • No corrosion

  • Eliminate fouling

Product Features

  • High temperature resistance

  • High adhesion, effectively reduce friction

  • Excellent lubricity and protect the chain effectively

  • Anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion

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Product Parameters

Product Title SANVO Chain Cleaner
Main Ingredients Toluene, Iso-hexane, Methanol, LPG, CO2
Appearance No wear and tear, accurate and clear code without leakage
Odor Solvent odor
Gas tightness(50±1℃) Good
Specific Gravity 0.83~0.85
Internal Pressure (25℃) 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa
Cleaning Performance Good
Volatile speed Faster
Recommendations Can effectively remove the stubborn carbon deposit, oil and gum in the chain, regular use can reduce the loss of the chain, reduce transmission failure, smooth operation, prolong the life of the chain, to ensure the safety of driving.
Filling ratio Max 85% of the total volume of the can
Spray Rate ≥98%
Shelf Life 36 months

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