• ChokeCarburetor cleaner
  • ChokeCarburetor cleaner

Choke&Carb Cleaner

It can restore the good working condition of the carburetor. Enhance the combustion and explosion power of the engine, without damaging the oxygen sensitive devices. Effectively dissolves dirt such as sludge, carbon deposits on work-pieces, carburetor, engine and etc. Non-corrosive to any equipment.

  • Color Clear
  • Content 400ml
  • Package 12pcs/carton
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Features and Benefits

  • The product made in the newest American formula, there are unique dispersant and penetrant in it.

  • Using soluble high-speed washing method, no need to remove and then can clean clearly the colloid, oil sludge, film of carburetor, choke and controllers parts.

  • Solving the rough idling and difficult to start problem, make order to protect the cars.

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Product Parameters

Main Ingredients Toluene, dichloromethane, methanol, LPG, CO2
Appearance No wear and tear, accurate and clear code without leakage
Odour No odour
Gas tightness(50±1℃) Good
Specific Gravity 0.890~0.910
Cleaning Performance Good
Volatile speed Faster
Recommendations It is used to remove the deposits of colloid, sludge, paint film and other parts in the carburetor, choke, electronic ejector, etc.
Filling ratio Max 85% of the total volume of can
Spray Rate 98% STD – Result 99%
Shelf Life 36 months

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