What is RTV sealant

Silicone rubber is an artificial elastomer or a material that has both liquid and rubber characteristics. According to different curing forms, silicone rubber can be divided into four main types: RTV (room temperature vulcanization); HTV (high temperature vulcanization); HCR (high concentration rubber); LSR (liquid silicone rubber).

What is RTV Sealant

RTV sealant is a type of silicone that cures at room temperature. The word RTV stands for Room temperature Vulcanizing. This type of sealant cures when exposed to room temperature immediately. An RTV sealant is highly preferred because its adhesive, holds its shape, and is a water repellent. Unlike natural rubbers that get easily deformed and are sticky, RTV sealants are very stable. RTV is available in textures ranging from 15 shores to 40 shores. It can stick two surfaces together while it provides a cushion at the same time.

As a chemicals manufacturer, SANVO provides industrial adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, AB adhesive. Our RTV sealant can be widely used in the static sealing of engines, gearboxes, cylinders, axles, and other parts of motorcycles and various mechanical equipment. In addition, they can also be used for flat sealing of electronic, chemical, and mechanical equipment. If you want to learn more detail, click here to browse our “RTV Gasket Maker.”

RTV silicone gasket - SANVO

Application & Types of RTV Sealant

RTV Gasket

A gasket helps to prevent leakage when it’s used to join two objects. RTV sealant is mostly used as a gasket compound. RTV forms a tough and flexible rubber once exposed to room temperature. This helps it to resist aging, weathering, and extreme temperatures without cracking or hardening. Common characteristics of RTV sealant include high-temperature resistance, ease to dismantle, high flexibility, oil resistance, and universal seal. RTV gasket can be used to fix doors of high-temperature equipment such as oven doors or fit heavy-duty applications such as towing, and other automobile uses.


One of the most critical components in any gearbox system is the shaft seal. This easily underestimated gearbox component is essential for long-term leak-free operation. RTV sealant does not contain harmful strong orders, and it features a light adhesive characteristic. Fast-drying can be achieved in 15 minutes. It is the first choice for gear sealing.

In addition to the above two applications, RTV silicone rubber also has a wide range of applications and can be used to seal a variety of components, including value covers, oil pans, transmission pans and water pumps. In industrial applications, RTV sealant can replace various rubber pads, asbestos pads, cork pads and paper pads.

High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

SANVO’s 588 high-temp Red RTV silicone gasket maker is a new generation of metallic color silicone gasket-free sealant with a red/black/silver/blue metallic luster. Its characteristics include fast curing, good colloid elasticity, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance. The sealing effect is not affected by size. Its maximum applicable temperature is 300℃, and the minimum is -60℃. Our No.588 RTV silicone gasket can replace traditional cork pads, oil felt pads, paper pads, rubber pads, and asbestos pads. It is suitable for static sealing of automobiles, motorcycles, ships, machinery, electronic devices appliances, chemical equipment, etc.

RTV Silicone Gasket 588

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SANVO is an ISO45001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified brand. All the sealants meet international standards. Whether you are in the automotive, furniture, transportation, marine, or construction industry, SANVO adhesives are the best. Tighten and harden the bonds using SANVO sealants and gaskets on many types of surfaces. Contact us if you have any queries or to receive a custom quote.

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