What Is Contact Adhesive And Its Usages

Contact adhesive, also known as “contact cement,” is a unique glue for special purposes. It has unique characteristics compared to other common adhesives.

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What is Contact Adhesive

A contact adhesive glue is an organic solvent applied to surfaces to create a flexible and permanent bond. These types of adhesives are the most popular in the market currently.

Even contractors use them since they guarantee complete accuracy and conjoin substrates permanently. Read on to learn about contact adhesives, their advantages, and where you can get them.

Advantages of Contact Adhesive

Compared to the other adhesives, contact adhesives have the most advantages. They are multifunctional, and they stack easily to various materials. Plus, they dry within a short time before bonding. What are the benefits of contact adhesives?

1.They assure excellent longevity and consistency
2.They are easy to apply; hence you don’t require a specialist
3.Available in both solvent-based and solvent-free forms
4.They dry fast
5.They provide an immediate bond strength
6.They are resistant to heat and water

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Where to Use and How to Use

As mentioned earlier, contact adhesives can be used in almost all applications. Construction and manufacturing industries have been using contact adhesives for many years. They work excellently on non-porous substrates. You can also use them on materials such as furniture, countertops, carpets, vehicles, etc.

Do you want to bond two objects together?
Follow these steps for a perfect outcome:

1. Apply the best contact adhesive on both objects
2. Leave them to dry
3. Place the two objects one on the top of the other
4. After the two surfaces have bonded, use rollers or clamps to remove excess air and create even a more permanent seal.

Where Can I Buy Quality Contact Adhesive

SANVO is an extremely versatile chemical industry committed to delivering better services to customers. Our professionals work consistently to bring our client’s concepts and ideas into solutions. We aim to come up with premium and exceptional chemical products to serve the concerns of our customers’ needs.

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Neopreme Contact Adhesive

SANVO Neoprene Contact Adhesive has a new and improved formula for fast drying and easy bonding with several polar and non-polar substances.

This product is resistant to cold, moisture, and heat; hence, it is suitable for decorating both indoor and outdoor occasions. It has a high solid content that makes it work incredibly in construction industries.

It is recommended for furniture, wood, plastics, metals, rubber, and leather materials. For excellent adhesion, use SANVO Neoprene Contact Adhesive.

SBS Contact Adhesive

SBS Contact Adhesive is a high-quality product made of new polymer material for fast curing and easy application.

It also has a low odor and a large initial adhesion. With this adhesive, you do not require a specialist to seal your surfaces. As long as you follow instructions keenly, you will love the outcome!

SBS Contact Adhesive is suitable for construction materials, advertisements, automobiles, woods, plastics, fabrics, and other materials. Note that it is restricted for use on materials such as polyethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene.

SANVO SBS Contact Adhesive

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