A Comprehensive Guide to Using SANVO Contact Adhesive for Heavy-Duty Surface Laminations

If you’re looking for a reliable adhesive to bond heavy-duty surfaces, look no further than SANVO Contact Adhesive. Whether you’re working with fabric, rubber, cork, ceramics, leather, metal, plastics, wood, or canvas, this versatile adhesive can get the job done. In this article, we’ll guide you how to use contact adhesive, from preparing the surfaces to bonding them together and offer tips for achieving optimal results.

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Introduction to SANVO Contact Adhesive

SANVO Contact Adhesives are solvent-based adhesives that offer high strength, excellent moisture and heat resistance, and outstanding adhesion to various polar and non-polar materials. Some of the key features of SANVO Contact Adhesive include:

Multi-purpose for use on different materials

Short drying time for faster work completion

Excellent resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, and extreme temperatures

Available in cans or pails for convenience

Achievable standards of product formula

Advantages of Using SANVO Contact Adhesive

Using SANVO Contact Adhesive has numerous benefits, including:

Versatility in bonding various materials

High strength and durability for heavy-duty surface laminations

Moisture and heat resistance for reliable performance in different environments

Short drying time for efficient work completion

Resistance to weathering, vibration, moisture, and extreme temperatures for long outdoor reliability

How to Use SANVO Contact Adhesive

Here are the steps of how to use contact adhesive

Prepare the surfaces to be bonded:

Clean and dry the surfaces thoroughly

Ensure that they are free of dust, grease, oil, wax, and other contaminants

Apply the adhesive:

Apply an even coat of adhesive to both surfaces using a brush, roller, or spray gun

Pay special attention to the edges and corners of the surfaces

Bond the surfaces together:

Wait for the adhesive to dry until it becomes tacky to the touch

Then press the surfaces together firmly

Use a roller to apply pressure uniformly across the bonded area

Allow the adhesive to cure for at least 24 hours before putting the bonded material to use.

Tips for Optimal Results

To achieve optimal results when using SANVO Contact Adhesive, keep these tips in mind:

Always work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling fumes

Wear protective gloves and safety glasses when handling the adhesive

Do not smoke, eat, or drink during application

Store the adhesive in a cool, dry place away from heat sources

Use the adhesive within its shelf life period for best performance.


Using SANVO Contact Adhesive is an excellent choice for heavy-duty surface laminations. By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping the tips in mind, you can know how to use contact adhesive. Whether you’re bonding fabric, rubber, cork, ceramics, leather, metal, plastics, wood, or canvas, SANVO Contact Adhesive has got you covered.

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