Can You Use Aerosol Spray Paint on Walls

Most of us have come across aerosol spray paint. It can be used as a quick and semi-permanent solution for various applications. Whether you love DIY tasks or professional projects, paint is a handy tool. They are designed to use objects like woods, metals, refrigerators, automobile parts, plastics, cycles, graffiti, artificial flowers, and helmets. Apart from these objects, you might wonder whether the paint can be used on walls. Let’s look at aerosol spray paint.


What is aerosol paint

Aerosol spray paint, also called rattle cans, is spray sealed in a pressurized container. It is released in an aerosol spray with a valve. It’s a great alternative way of painting to traditional brushes. Moreover, this painting leaves a smooth and even coat. It also comes in a variety of finishes and colors. Products using aerosol include spray deodorant, hairspray, or insecticides.

Sanvo aerosols application

How it works

Here is how aerosol works:
• Paint and gas are put in the can in liquid form: liquid paint is mixed with compressed gas in the spray paint can. The pressurized gas stays in liquid form at room temperature.


• Shaking mixes paint and liquefied gas: spray paint can feature a ball bearing inside. When you shake the spray, this bearing vibrates and mixes the liquid paint and liquefied gas.

• When you press the nozzle, pressure is released: the valve system opens when pressure is put on the spray can nozzle. Furthermore, pressing the nozzle alters the air pressure inside. As a result, it makes the liquefied air heat and become vapor.


Can you use aerosol spray paint on walls

The answer is positive. You can use aerosol spray paint on walls.

If you want to use aerosol spray paint on interior wall, you can choose water-based spray paint. It is made with environment-friendly fomulation. The advantage of water-based spray paint is fast drying and excellent coverage. SANVO water-based spray paint is compliant RoHS standard with fresh colors.

Alkyd enamel spray paint are more suitable for exterior walls. As a protective spray paint, it can provide protection on walls, wood, metal, wicker, glass, plaster, ceramic, concrete etc substrates. It dry in minutes to a tough finish that really lasts. Smooth, durable finish and superior corrosion protection.

Water-based Spray Paint

SANVO Water based Spray Paint
Alkyd Enamel Spray Paint
Nitrocelluar Spray Paint

More application of aerosol paint

Apart from walls, an aerosol paint can be used on many objects, for instance, plastic, wood, shoes, chandeliers, metal, clothes, appliances, accessories, concrete, and paper mache.


SANVO: the best aerosol paint manufacturer

SANVO is a leading chemical product manufacturer. The company manufacturers high-quality aerosol paint. Moreover, they come in various types and colors. Additionally, SANVO has years of experience making and customizing the latest aerosol. Besides that, we have automatic production lines that allow us to have great productivity of fine chemicals. The strict quality control also ensures products undergo testing and meet international standards. Lastly, we have certifications like ISO, RoHS, and REACH.

Types of SANVO aerosol paint

• Acrylic spray paint
• Nitrocellulose spray paint
• Alkyd enamel spray paint




There are several applications for aerosol paint. They include painting objects, retouching your home, commercial and industrial projects. They are great for quick and thick coverage. Besides that, you will save time and redecoration costs when you use on walls. If you are looking for quality aerosol spray paint, SANVO has different forms.

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