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An essential part of car: Windshiel

Firstly, it can reduce air resistance and the drag coefficient of the whole vehicle. 


Secondly, this kind of glass actually plays the role of heat insulation and energy saving. It can not only block ultraviolet and infrared rays and adjust the temperature in the car but also reduce the energy loss of the air conditioner.


Finally, the windshield plays a vital role in vehicle safety. It can withstand strong impact force. 


Using a good quality windshield adhesive helps improve car safety. Now, let’s discuss about PU windshield adhesive.

Car Window Rubber Stripps


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What is Windshield Adhesive

Automotive industry widely uses polyurethane (PU) adhesive. SANVO Auto Glass Adhesive is a single component moisture curing polyurethane sealant, using advanced technology and formula, as well as the quality material.



It has good water resistance, shock resistance, no corrosion to adhesive sealing substrate, environmentally friendly, less pollution, good adhesion with metal, glass and other substrates.



It is especially useful in bonding windshield glass into automotive and motorcycle frames. Besides, you can also use it to bond and seal vehicle windshields, backlights and sidelights.

FAQ about Windshield Glue

What adhesive is used for windshields?

polyurethane is the most widely used adhesive in the automotive industry because because polyurethane can provide high-performance bonding applications for your car windshield.



How long does Windshield glue dry?

About 15~50 min.



How strong is windshield adhesive?

Polyurethane is 90 times stronger than a silicone sealant, suiting for transportation.


Best Adhesive of Windshield

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