How to Paint Interior Wall With the Best Emulsion Paint

Do you have an interior walls that you’ll like to paint? Do you know how to paint them? Which is the best paint? This brief article will give detailed information on how to paint the interior wall.

Painting interior wall is a great place to start for that fresh new look at home. As compared to oil-based paints, emulsion paints perform better. At the same time, it is also easy to apply, provided you know how to do it, and you have the right tools. You need a brush or roller, which will make the task even easier. You will be able to create an amazing focal wall.

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How to paint interior walls?

Your interior wall is about to look a whole lot better. Follow the following steps:

1. You need to prepare the area
You must ensure you have the required tools like a wire brush etc. Then start by covering and masking the items, i.e., windows, floor, and furniture that you do not want to paint on accidentally. You can use a canvas drop cloth to protect the lightweight plastic sheeting and the floor. Then using masking tape can also protect the other walls and the ceiling from over painting that you clean the area before painting. To prepare the wall, use a wire brush to prepare the wall for paint. It will remove any dirt or any deposits on the wall.

2. Prepare your wall paint
This is a pretty important part.It’s time you prepare your wall paint. Most paints come in the bucket, so you have to mix them well to ensure dry & curing completely after painting. Otherwise, the color will not be uniform on the surface. Meanwhile, make sure that the space has good airflow. Wear a mask if it is necessary.

3. Paint the first coat
Now you are ready to paint the coating. You will paint the first coat horizontally. The flat painted will ensure that paint penetrates the wall. While painting, ensures that you brush them quickly and finish painting at once.

4. Paint the second coat
You will paint the second coat. The operation is the same as brushing the first coat, and your action has to be agile. The painting will ensure that getting in the crannies and nooks, covering up the original color. Remember you need to coat the wall uniform and bright.

5. Enjoy your beautiful wall
You now give it some time and then let the wall dry up. It is now time to enjoy your interior wall transformation.

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How long does wall paint take to dry

Compared with oil-based paint, SANCO interior emulsion wall paints dry faster. It usually needs 2 hours, a little longer if the temperature is low. If completing a painting project quickly is important to you, then SANVO latex paint may be a good option.

Buy Best interior wall paints from SANVO

To make that wall pop, you will need to choose the best paint for interior wall. SANVO has the best paints that can be able to transform your house. More projects:  SANVO quality paints used in buildings

SANVO fine interior wall paints are cost-effective, adopting  our unique formula and using advanced technology, to protect and beautify your interior walls.

What’s more, SANVO provides the custom option. Whatever color you want, SANVO could produce them according to your needs. SANVO reliable QC system ensures all products meet your expectations.

Here are the advantages of SANVO interior wall paints:

1. Resistant to moisture and mildew, making the wall surface is fine and smooth

2. Sturdy and durable, having a high covering power

3. Dry in a short time and easy to use

4. Environmentally friendly,  certified by China Environmental Label

Moreover, they are made to give you a non-chipping colored texture that will last for years. They can be applied over the various construction-applied finish, perfectly matching the surface. Also read: Application of interior wall paint

sanvo interior wall paint


SANVO quality wall paints can transform your house. Not only the outlook but also they are good for improving sleep quality if you coat them in bedrooms because SANVO interior wall paints are environmentally friendly with lower odor. With SANVO best wall paints, you can order customized paint and use it on surfaces of walls, ceilings, etc.

If you are looking for premium interior wall paints, then choose them from SANVO. As a coating supplier, SANVO provides wholesale and custom services for interior & exterior wall paints.  SANVO clients are all satisfied with excellent product quality and competitive prices. Contact us today and get a free quote today!

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