Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner Applications

SANVO Multi-Purpose foam cleaner can be used in the home, such as kitchen, bathroom, and even car cleaning foam. SANVO manufactures quality foam cleaning sprays. Welcome to contact for wholesale business.

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What is multi function foam cleaner?

A multipurpose cleaner is a concentrated solution of detergents designed to remove dirt from various services. A multipurpose foam cleaner can be used to clean floors, windows, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It is simply an all-purpose cleaner; it can simultaneously act as a detergent, and solvent.


SANVO Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner is rich in surface-active factors, so it has strong penetration and detergency. It utilizes unique foam performance to absorb, wrap, and transfer dirt, and is equipped with excellent washing aids to achieve excellent cleaning effects.

sanvo Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner


With over 30-year of experiences in the construction industry and car care maintenance, SANVO has the capability of offering excellent ODM/OEM services to customize our products, which you can trust-in. Our unique 「customized services」 are especially designed for OEM/ODM customers. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership.

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Where to use SANVO spray foam cleaner?

Its usages are more than you can image. It can be used for cleaning almost surfaces in various applications. Then, let’s learn more details:


1.Washing floors
2.Cleaning windows
3.Cleaning paintwork
4. Cleaning waste bins
5. Washing pet bedding and blankets
6. Cleans smoke stains from walls, chimneys and flues

1.Prewash spray for grease and oil stains
2. Removing finger prints from fridges and microwaves
3. Stripping wallpaper
4. Degreasing driveways
5. Cleaning the range hood

1. Cleaning baths/basins
2. Removing soap film from tiles and screens


1. Cloth

2. Shoes

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As an industrial Hardware Lubricants, Sealants & Adhesives Manufacturer, SANVO has over 26years of experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, providing a one-stop service in aerosol spray, coating, and adhesive for building and hardware worldwide.


SANVO company develops and produces high-quality chemical products for the automotive, hardware, and building material industries.


SANVO has co-operated with various famous brands and looking for importers for trade sales. SANVO provides wholesale, custom, and OEM services. Welcome contact us and get an online quote.

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