• TB119 High temperature resistant fire retardant Sealant
  • TB119 High temperature resistant fire retardant Sealant

High-temperature resistant fire retardant Sealant TB119

SANVO fire retardant sealant TB119 is a room temperature vulcanized silicone adhesive sealant. It adopts advanced technology and formula, good quality materials. With certain elasticity and good adhesion as well as excellent anti-vibration, crack resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, aging resistance, and fire resistance. Easy for application and installation.

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  • Flame-retardant

  • Excellent weather resistance

  • FV-0 flame retardant level

  • High temperature resistant

Features and Benefits

  • It has super flame-retardant performance, reaching FV-0 flame retardant level.

  • Excellent weather resistance.

  • It can be sealed permanently at -60℃-+350℃.

  • It can withstand high temperature of 850℃ instantaneously.

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Product Parameters

Chemistry Vulcanized silicone adhesive sealant
Cure System Cure at room temperature
Tack-free time 12 min (23°C and 50% R.H)
Vertical Burning test FV-0
Temperature resistant(℃) 300
Elongation(%) 74
Shelf life 12 months
Package 300mlx24pcs/carton

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