• k 11 gaitubao 1000x1000
  • k 11 gaitubao 1000x1000

K-11 Tough Waterproof Paste

This product is a new type of two-component waterproof coating prepared with newly synthesized fluorocarbon epoxy resin emulsion as film-forming material, with a variety of special auxiliaries and quick curing agents.

  • Product title Strong waterproof paste
  • Model number FL16
  • Content 5kg/9kg/18kg
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Product Features

  • Environmental protection products, non-toxic and non-flammable

  • No volatile smell, can be constructed in a narrow space

  • The bond strength with the base layer is good, and the tensile strength is good

  • It can be constructed on wet base surface, and the construction is simple

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Product Parameters

Product title Strong waterproof paste
Model number FL16
Content 5kg/9kg/18kg
Volume calculation Can besmear brush about 4 square meters
Component bi-component(powder+feed liquid)
Blending ratio Powder:feed liquid=2.7:1
Expiration date 12 months
Construction method shelling-out、 Batch of brush
Executive standard Q/SVFT001-2017
Drying time 72hours
Store the reference +5℃~35℃
Selling point of a product Waterproof and drain、Short construction period、couple hardness with softness、Strong adhesive relay
Range of application It is suitable for all kinds of wet concrete and brick building facade waterproof, especially for large area of kitchen, bathroom, balcony, basement, roof and other ground and wall waterproof engineering, but also suitable for large area of floor heating system waterproof engineering.

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