• SANVO SBS Contact Adhesive 2
  • SANVO SBS Contact Adhesive 2

SBS Contact Adhesive

SANVO SBS Contact Adhesive adopts new polymer materials and is a high-quality product produced by a special process.It is easy to apply glue, fast curing, large initial adhesion, firmness and durability, and low odor. Correct use does not affect human health.

  • Package 380g×24 cans per carton
  • 1.5kg×6 cans per carton
  • 2kg×6 cans per carton
  • 7kg/barrel
  • 10kg/barrel
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  • Fast curing

  • Easy application

  • Large initial adhesion

  • Low odor

Features and Benefits

  • Easy and convenient application

  • Fast curing, large initial adhesion, firmness and durability and low odor

  • Correct use does not affect human health.

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Product Parameters

Main component Thermoplastic styrene butadiene rubber, tackifying resin, mixed solvent
Appearance Uniform viscous liquid, no suspended matter, no visible mechanical impurities and phase separation phenomenon
Viscosity, mPa·s/23℃ 166
Non volatile content 37.30%
Tensile shear strength 2.26 MPa
Intial bonding strength 1.38 MPa
Application condition 23±2℃ and humidity <80%
Net content 380g, 1.5kg, 2kg, 7kg, 10kg
Shelf time 12 months (store in room temperature)
Use restrictions It is forbidden to be used for bonding materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, silicone, snow iron, and plastics, rubber and artificial leather containing a large amount of plasticizers.
Recommend use Suitable for construction materials, automobiles and art advertisements and other industries. It can bond wood, plywood, aluminum-plastic board, fireproof board, density board, curved willow board, flax board and other materials; it can also bond some metal materials such as iron and aluminum. Rubber, plastic, leather, cartons, cartons, fabrics and other materials.

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