Spray Paint – Metallic color

It is acrylic aerosol paint. Widely used on the surface of metal, ABS plastic, wooden materials, etc. Good choice for decoration and appearance repairing. Looks like a metallic film on the surface. More than 33 metallic colors on the list. And color can be customized as per requirement.

  • RoHS
  • reach
  • PBB
  • PBDE
  • Cr6
  • Cd
  • Hg
  • Pb
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  • Fast Drying

  • Excellent Coverage

  • Good Color Rendering

  • Superior Adhesion

Features and Benefits

  • SANVO Spray Paint is an easy-to-use, high-quality and fast-drying paint that is specially formulated to offer a non-chipping colored texture that will last for years and require no maintenance.

  • For every application: No matter whether you are looking for a spray can to start painting from scratch or just touching up a scratched part, SANVO Spray Paint can be applied over any factory applied finish to perfectly match the surface.

  • Ideal for all surfaces: This spray can features an adjustable easy-press nozzle and a wide spray pattern for easily applying smooth and even coats on an assorted range of surfaces like metal, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, etc.

  • Environment Friendly: SANVO Spray Paint has been specially formulated in a controlled environment using quality-tested ingredients to be Acid-Free, Non-Toxic, and pH balanced.

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Product Parameters

Product Title Spray Paint – Metallic color
Main component Acrylic resin, solvent, pigment
Appearance: colorful, colors can be customized
Odour Solvent smell
Surface drying time: 4-5 minutes at 25℃, RH60%
Full drying time ≤60 minutes at 25℃, RH60%
Net content 250g/400ml, 200g/350ml
Can size Φ60x145mm,Φ65x158mm
Shelf time 3 years (store at room temperature)
Recommend use Suitable for decoration and appearance repairing on metal, wood, ABS substrates

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