PU Foam Spray in Construction

You may be confused where are the applications of PU Foam Spray? Actually it is used in various situation, like interior wall, foundations, ceilings and window frames…

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What is PU Foam Spray?

Spray Polyurethane Foam is a polyurethane (PU) based, single component, very qualified heat and sound insulation product that can be applied by being sprayed on surfaces through its special application device.

SANVO Spray Polyurethane Foam can be rapidly and easily applied by amateur users as well as the professionals. Transport, warehousing, application and workmanship costs are quite lower than other equivalents.

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With over 30-year of experiences in the construction industry and car care maintenance, SANVO has the capability of offering excellent ODM/OEM services to customize our products, which you can trust-in. Our unique 「customized services」 are especially designed for OEM/ODM customers. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership.

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Where are the applications of PU Foam Spray?

Spray Polyurethane Foam is suitable for filling and sealing with structural vacancies, gaps, joint, openings and cavities.


For example: roofing, attics, facades, foundations, basements, cellars, floors, Interior wall, ceilings and window frames. Moreover, it can further be used wood, metal, stone, brick, PVC (except PE, PP and PTFE). 

SANVO  polyurethane foam spray is sound insulation, heat preservation, Heat insulation, sealing, waterproof, gas isolation, etc. At the same time, Spray Polyurethane Foam uses conveniently.

What are the benefits of SANVO Spray Polyurethane Foam?

People prefer the useful and practical products for insulating heat ,water and soundproofing at an affordable price, SANVO can do more than that. All our PU Foam Spray has competitive features like below. Watch this video showing our excellent product.

1.Strong Adhesion – Well bonds to various building materials; wood, metal, stone, brick, PVC (except PE, PP and PTFE).

2.High Density Foam – Uniform Cell Structure seals out air, moisture and pests

3.Flexibility – High Flexibility withstands building material movement

4.Will not bow or warp window & door frames (no shrink or post expansion).


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