RTV Gasket Maker In Car Caring

Let’s learn what is RTV Gasket Maker and where to use. You can know more product information that helps you do a better work with RTV gasket maker.

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Is Gasket Maker Same As RTV?

Yes, they are same products. SANVO RTV Gasket Maker products is a new generation of metallic color silicone gasket-free sealant with beautiful colors and fast curing speed, which can save waiting time.


SANVO products have good colloid elasticity, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, and the sealing effect is not affected by the size of the sealing area.And shape restrictions, sealing pressure ≥ 10MPa, the highest applicable temperature 270 ℃.


It can replace traditional cork pads, linoleum pads, paper pads, rubber pads and asbestos pads, and is suitable for static sealing of automobiles, motorcycles, ships, machinery, electronic appliances, chemical equipment, etc. Recommendation: What is RTV?



With over 30-year of experiences in the construction industry and car care maintenance, SANVO has the capability of offering excellent ODM/OEM services to customize our products, which you can trust-in. Our unique 「customized services」 are especially designed for OEM/ODM customers. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership.

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How To Apply RTV Gasket Maker?

RTV silicone (room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber) is mainly used for engine oil pan sealant, oil proof.


In addition, high-grade room temperature vulcanized silicone sealant does not corrode iron or aluminum, low toxicity.


Its strong sealing strength brings excellent ability in blocking car engine oil, and can reduce loads and vibration in the energy area, so that it can be used to bond and repair silicone gaskets especially for automotive gaskets such as valve covers, rocker covers, oil pans, and rear axle housings.

Where To Buy The Best RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

SANVO factory has 4 gasket glue production lines that increase our work rate for fast manufacturing and delivery of quality gasket makers.


And there are plenty of gasket makers of RTV silicone, including black & red RTV gasket maker, general & multi purpose RTV gasket maker, high-grade & premium RTV gasket maker, etc.

If you are looking for excellent RTV sealant, why not choose SANVO for excellent products?


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