Thread Locker for AUTO

Threadlockers, same as anaerobic adhesives,  widely used in auto industry. SANVO manufactures quality thread lockers with different strength.

What is thread locker?

Threadlockers, also called pipe sealants or anaerobic adhesives, are one-part adhesives. When the bond line in the absence of oxygen, it will cure on active metal surfaces. They are often used to enhance the seal, or holding force, in the threads of joined fastener systems such as nut-and-bolt assemblies.


There are bottles packaging you can find in the websites or markets. As said before, they cure by isolating air. Due to this feature, enough space should be left for the glue to contact with the air for preservation during packaging. Therefore, glue packaging accounts for about half of the bottle. But don’t worry, the weight is same as the external packing.



With over 30-year of experiences in the construction industry and car care maintenance, SANVO has the capability of offering excellent ODM/OEM services to customize our products, which you can trust-in. Our unique 「customized services」 are especially designed for OEM/ODM customers. We guarantee the time to mass production and make sure the low cost of ownership.

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Advantages of anaerobic adhesive

In short, the use of metal adhesive is the faster and easier alternative to soldering, using bolts on drilled holes, and other methods to join metals together. Here are advantages:


1. Impact Resistance

Depending on the chemistry, structural adhesive bonds provide the strength or flexibility to resist shock, vibration and impact loads.


2. Strong Strength

Threadlockers provide strong bonds that resist both direct force and extended periods of vibration.


3. Practicability

provide better product appearance through invisible joints and smooth bond lines. Stiff bonds resist vibration and reduce opportunities for loose parts to make unwanted noise.


4. Protectiveness

provide insulation to resist corrosion when bonding two different metals.


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Application of SANVO Thread Locker

Nut-and-bolt assemblies:

The most common application is to prevent loosening when a threaded system is subjected to shocks or vibrations.

Anaerobic glue can be used for all bolt looseness prevention in automobile maintenance. Especially for some key parts, it plays an important roles.

For example, the connecting rod bolt on the engine is subject to reciprocating strong impact load, so the anti loosening problem of connecting rod bolt is very essential. Using anaerobic adhesive can solve this problem.

there are three disassembly strengths: low, medium and high. Contact us to ensure which type you need



Anaerobic sealant can also seal and prevent leakage. In the past, people added copper pad or applying lead oil is not ideal, but now the use of anaerobic glue can solve this problem well. These products can also be used for fastening and protection against corrosion of metallic systems, as well as resist high pressure, shocks and vibrations.


Fixed position:

Cylindrical components, such as bearing and shaft, pulley and shaft, gear and shaft, bearing and seat hole, bushing and hole and other hole and shaft combination accessories, require strict processing accuracy of the fixing process. due to different thermal expansion coefficients, they are easy to weared and corrosion,  then loosen.

Using anaerobic adhesive can fill the matching gap, and then parts will be firm, durable, stable and reliable after curing.

This method can reduce the requirements of processing accuracy, simplify assembly operation, improve production efficiency, and save performance consumption and processing costs.


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