Waterproof Coating Applications

What is waterproof coating? What benefits does it have? How to use it? Read this article and then you will find the answer.

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What are waterproof coatings

The waterproof film formed by the cured waterproof coating has certain elongation, elastoplasticity, crack resistance, impermeability and weather resistance, and can play the role of waterproof, anti-seepage and protection. It has good temperature adaptability, is easy to operate, and is easy to repair and maintain.

Waterproof coating, or called waterproof roof paint, is a viscous liquid polymer synthetic material with no fixed shape at room temperature. After coating, a general term for materials that form a tough waterproof film on the base layer after the evaporation of the solvent, the evaporation of water, or the reaction and curing.

Sanvo waterproofing coatings application


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The Benefits - Waterproof Paints

Breathable: The membrane of the waterproof paint should be breathable to prevent the build up of damp and water pressure within a substrate. Allowing water vapour to permeate the membrane does not encourage damp, but does encourage stability.


Versatile: They are suitable for a whole range of substrates including waterproof paint for wood, masonry, brick, cement, plaster, etc. They can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces, walls, floors, ceilings, basements, roofs, and more.


Range of chemistries: Part of its versatility is due to the range of chemistries represented by the name “waterproof paint”, including liquid rubber, epoxy, acrylic, nano, and pu paint.


Works in both directions: Prevents steam and humidity from the room penetrating the walls, and damp from the walls damaging the surface.

Buy Best Waterproof Coating

SANVO waterproof coating is easy to operate, and suitable for almost applications including roofs, basements, floors, due to its excellent water & weather resistance, acid & alkali resistance and excellent elongation performance.


Especially for some parts that are prone to leakage, such as cracks in the base layer, structural joints, and pipe roots, it is very easy to strengthen, reinforce, repair by using SANVO waterproof coating.

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