What is a Metal Adhesive?

Metals are used in most things, including house appliances, large machinery, and decorative objects. Unlike wood, paper, and other materials, joining metals require a lot of preparation. Metals can resist some adhesives hence damaging items or resulting in weak bonds. Even though working with metals is challenging, the right metal adhesive can do magic. Let’s look at things you need to know about metal adhesives and the best manufacturer.

Good to know: Definition of metal adhesive

Metal adhesive is a synthetic or natural substance that joins two or many metals surfaces together. It creates a strong bond, making the metal resistant to stress, movements, high temperatures, and other harsh conditions. Moreover, a strong bond is formed by the adhesion or physical and chemical forces between the surfaces.

Metal adhesive is an alternative name for metal glue, metal paste, and metal cement. Besides that, the adhesive is a fast and best alternative to using bolts, soldering, and other ways to join metals. It is also environmentally friendly without strong odors.

how metal adhesive work


how metal adhesive work

You Need To Know: Will thermal adhesives reduce contact resistance quota?

Thermal adhesive is a thermally conductive glue for heat sinks, electronic components, large components like transformers, capacitors, edge connectors, and large ceramic substrates. These surfaces use thermal adhesive because there are no other mounting mechanisms. Thermal adhesives are 100x more conductive than air. Therefore, they fill air gaps hence allowing more efficient heat transfer. It is available as a paste or double-sided tape.

When does structural adhesive not work for metals?

Structural adhesives are known to hold two or more surfaces together. The surface may undergo vibration, shock, harsh temperature, chemical exposure, and other weakening agents but remain bonded.

There are circumstances when structural adhesive doesn’t work despite creating strong bonds. For instance, before applying any adhesive, you need to create a smooth surface. The surface should be roughened; however, methods like steel wool, sandpaper, or scotch brite may not be ideal due to the hard surface of the materials. Also, automated roughening can likely generate heat that can prevent adhesion.

Another element that makes adhesives create weak bonds is the oxide layer. Adhesives are not supposed to be applied to the oxide layer. You can remove the layer with solvent wipes like isopropanol and acetone.

SANVO: Produces the best adhesive

Sanvo is a leading manufacturer of adhesives. The company has years of experience in producing fine chemical products. Our adhesives create strong bonds between metals, including copper, brass, and aluminum. These bonds remain intact even when the surfaces are subjected to weakening agents like temperature and moisture. Additionally, they maintain quality aesthetics on material surfaces. Besides that, Sanvo is recognized nationally for quality adhesive production that is weather resistant. We also have automatic production equipment to improve efficiency and produce fine adhesives.

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Conclusion: Choosing the strongest metal glue from SANVO

Metal adhesives are a convenient alternative to welding. Various metal adhesives have been developed for major industries and small projects at home in the past years. They offer strong bonding to metals, including steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum. It’s important to choose the right adhesive to get the best results. It will guarantee you superior bonds. Are you looking for a strong metal adhesive? SANVO is a professional manufacturer of quality adhesives.

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