Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside

What will happen when you use exterior paint inside?

Sometimes you look at your half-full exterior paint tin and wonder whether you can apply it in your bathroom, kitchen, or other rooms. Exterior Wall Paints are designed to endure weather conditions, including intense heat, sun, and rain or freezing temperatures. Technically, you can use exterior paint in interior rooms. However, there are good reasons why you should not. These reasons include:

● Exterior paints have resins. This helps it to expand or contract based on weather. In addition to that, they have additives to prevent mildew, stains, and fades. These resins and additives are meant to work outdoors and not indoors.
● Outdoor paints have a higher number of VOCs compared to indoor paints. They will still emit VOCs even after drying. For this reason, the odor causes hazards to those with breathing problems, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. Furthermore, when VOCs vaporize, it increases the depletion of the ozone levels. This has made several states ban the use of oil-based paints.
● Even though they are durable for the outdoors, they are prone to scratches and scuffs.
● Exterior paints like oil-based or true-enamel emit toxic fumes.
● Ingredients such as mildew can cause allergic reactions and odors.

Differences between exterior paint and interior paint

Paints have different properties because they are manufactured for various purposes, and the main primary difference is the choice of resin. Exterior paints have softer resin because they are exposed to harsh elements and resist peeling or chipping. However, interior paints are more rigid, seeing that moisture and temperature changes are not issues.

To understand the differences, you have to look at the characters.

1. They are resistant to fading and mildew.
2. Since they are exposed to several weather conditions, these paints have to protect against sunlight, rain, snow, and fungal growth.
3. They emit volatile organic compounds hence not suitable for indoors.
4. Since they have soft resins, outdoor paints don’t contract, expand, or crack easily. This makes them resistant to all weather conditions.

Exterior Emulsion Paint Normal
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1. They are more delicate compared to exterior paint.
2. They have zero or less volatile organic compounds, thus lowering health risks.
3. They are easily washable.
4. They are less prone to stains.
5. Even though they can resist abrasion, they are more delicate than outdoor paint.
6. Great for aesthetics and decoration.

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Exterior paints have several advantages, and this may make homeowners use indoors to prolong durability. Nonetheless, they are not ideal for interior walls. That being said, you want to ensure that the quality of paint you buy is top-notch. SANVO provides quality types and colors of coatings.

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