Celebrating the successful completion of MV Plant

In April 2021, SANVO Fine Chemicals Group held a celebration of the completion of the first phase of the MV base at its fifth production base. the Chairman and President of SANVO Fine Chemicals Group Mr. Ernest, the General Manager of R&D Mr. Leo, the Deputy General Manager Mr. Suny, the Deputy General Manager of the Automotive Sales Department, the Director of the CRC Group China, the Director of Operations of APB China and more than 200 distributors and customers came to the site to share the moment of glory.

SANVO Fine Chemicals Group new production plant-MV Base

Ernest gave a warm welcome to the guests. He introduced that the MV base is a key construction project of the Zhongshan Municipal Government’s “328 Investment Promotion Project”, with a total investment of about RMB 500 million and a factory area of 63825㎡, the first phase of which has been completed with a construction area of over 30,000 square meters.

The first phase base with a construction area of over 30,000㎡

He believes that the MV base, as a key project of the Group’s listing and financing, is another major breakthrough for SANVO Fine Chemicals in the aerosol field, which will give unlimited market confidence to distributors across the country.

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CEO and President of SANVO Fine Chemicals, Ernest

Leo, the General Manager of R&D, mentioned in his speech that the MV base has introduced the current advanced industrial design concepts at home and abroad, and built a modern industrial production base that adapts to the rapid changes in the market from the perspective of brand resource development and utilization as well as ecological and economic recycling.

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General Manager of R&D, Leo

The first phase of the MV base is built in 5 buildings, including two Class A production workshops, including a filling workshop equipped with 22 production lines, including 12 automatic lines and 2 high-speed automatic lines. In addition, the batching workshop is equipped with 123 sets of dispersion kettles, medium-sized kettles, 24 grinding machines, a 5-layer three-dimensional process, and an automatic batching system. We can produce metallic spray paint, water-based spray paint, hand-cranked automatic spray paint, paint stripper, heavy-duty oil cleaner, and dozens of other daily chemical products.

Under the auspices of cheerful music, a series of performances such as the Gilt Sand Launching Ceremony, the eye-dotting of the lion, the picking of greenery and the nabbing of blessings brought the whole event to a climax..

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Celebrating the successful completion of the MV Plant

In this ceremony, the Group specially prepared 13 saplings, which were planted by 5 regions of the AMS, 5 regions of the APS, the Export trade department and the Furniture Paint Sales Department to witness the completion of the MV base.

MV production plant
MV production plant

This means that the MV base will be planted with new greenery and hope will sprout, expecting the development of the MV base and hence the Group to be “a forest of trees and flourishing leaves” from now on.

The MV base is planned to be mainly an aerosol industry with an annual output of approximately 500 million cans, and is committed to becoming the most efficient and high-quality aerosol paint spraying manufacturing base in the industry, creating an environmentally friendly, advanced and efficient world-class production base, striving to achieve “SANVO Aerosol, a world-class intellectual manufacturing base”. After nearly eight years, the first phase of the MV base has finally completed! It is believed that in the future, SANVO Fine Chemicals Group will continue to plow deeper in the field of aerosols and help the Group to rise higher!

MV plant aerosol spray paint production line

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