Nirvana like the Phoenix, reborn from the ashes

The Export Department of SANVO Fine Chemicals Group welcomes the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger with a brand-new success

The old saying goes: “Those who do not plan for the overall situation are not enough to plan for a domain; those who do not plan for the world are not enough for a moment.” From December 18th to 21st, 2021, the Ministry of Export Department has seized the opportunity of annual expansion and has organized a meaningful activity, in order to make a profound summary of sales work at the end of 2021. In the meanwhile, based on the latest instructions of the Group’s business plan in 2022, the Ministry of Export Department has made arrangements and interpretations of the latest work arrangements for the new year. During this period, to enhance mutual understanding among colleagues and improve team cohesion, we have organized a series of team building and quality development activities that were planned before.

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On the afternoon of December 18, the Ministry of Export Department organized all the staff to start a team training activity in Shunfeng Mountain Park. The whole event is divided into 3 parts, namely “Decisive Battle In The Battlefield”, “Invincible Fire Wheels”, and “Orienteering Off-road At Shunfeng Mountain”. Team members are divided into three groups and compete competitively. The Battlefield Themed Game is to let every colleague experience the three roles of commander, conductor and soldier. The commander in the game corresponds to the high-level leaders in the organization, the conductor corresponds to the middle managers, and the soldiers correspond to the grassroots executives.

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At work, the leaders of some teams cannot see the work status of the team members, do not understand the work progress of their subordinates, and cannot clearly understand the progress of the entire team; some middle management cannot organize effective work when reporting work There is no way to clearly convey the current working status in communication and expression; some executives cannot understand the instructions of the leadership, cannot carry out the next work, and the execution and implementation are not in place.


This game is to let everyone play various roles, so that everyone understands the importance of information transmission between the senior management, management and executive layers, and reflects on the management that exists in the work through management empathy, information transmission, execution and other issues.

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The invincible Fire Wheels game requires team members to use newspapers, divide labor and cooperate to form their own Fire Wheels tools within a limited time. This game cultivates the spirit of teamwork, as well as the competence of planning and coordination. In daily Export Department sales and documentary work, whether it is customer maintenance or market development, everyone needs to cooperate with each other, plan and coordinate reasonably, organize and match resources, and carry out work.

Orienteering, as a new type of field activity, originated in Europe. Participants use the map and the compass to visit the various points indicated on the map, complete the tasks of each point, obtain corresponding clues, and the faster one who reach the final designated mission point in the shortest time will win the game. The Ministry of Export Department designed this game to improve the understanding of instructions and clues of each team member, and reflected the ability to grasp the needs of customers and the ability to grasp internal demands. By comprehending each clue, complete the designated team action, and run to the next node within a limited time. The whole game not only exercised everyone’s physical fitness, but also tested everyone’s wisdom and teamwork ability.

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“Bodhi not grows on tree, and a bright mirror is not a stage. Originally, there is nothing, so where can it cause dust!” This is the verse of the mind of Master Huineng, the patriarch of Zen. The Export Department department is at the forefront of the overseas sales battlefield, dealing with hundreds of countries and thousands of languages, dealing with customers of all kinds and different cultural differences, like a swordsman in the world full of disputes. In the face of external challenges and temptations, risks and opportunities, how to maintain inner certainty and not forget the original intention? This is an issue that many front-line personnel in the market must face. At this time, we need a bright light and a direction in our hearts. Taking this opportunity, on the 19th, the Ministry of Export Department came to Yunfu Xinxing, the hometown of the Patriarch, to comprehend Zen Taoism, clear the inner complexities, let us go of stress and emotions, and find the bright light in our hearts.

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Immediately afterwards, the Ministry of Export Department came to Tianlu Mountain Resort, and carried out a three-day and two-night expansion activity here. Through running around the mountain and relaxing in the hot spring, everyone had a physical and mental relaxation in the resort. Let every colleague be in a state of complete relaxation, let go of their hearts, and prepare themselves physically and mentally for the next work summary and work deployment meeting.

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Sun Tzu’s Art of War said: “Make a decision and then move, know what you stop and gain.” In the blink of an eye, 2021 are coming to an end, and 2020 are coming. To obtain a better start in 2022, we must first review, reflect, analyze and summarize the past work. On this basis, we can draw lessons and sum up experience before we can plan for the coming year.

On December 20, the Ministry of Export Department held the work summary meeting for 2021 and the deployment meeting for 2022 in Tianlu Mountain Resort. At the meeting, Minister Yuan led everyone to review the performance and completion of various tasks in the past year, and explained the work goals, directions and specific plans for 2022. Then, the major districts and team leaders reported the work plans and arrangements of each team for 2022. Through this summary and deployment, every colleague has a clear direction and prepares in advance for the future work arrangements.

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In the second half of the meeting, Minister Yuan added a case analysis and debate on “who is more important when the superior communicates and issues work instructions accurately, and the grassroots accurately understands the superior’s instructions.” Throw out a debate by sharing a workplace case. According to the views supported by everyone, the scene is divided into two sides, and two teams are formed to discuss and debate. As the saying goes: “The more the reason is debated, the clearer the Tao is.” The two teams failed to decide the winner through intense debate, but through the debate, everyone deeply understood the effectiveness of communication and the management of work priorities and the importance of classification management.

This meeting lasted from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, with up to 5 hours of meetings and discussions, so that everyone has explored a deeper understanding, a clearer cognition, and a clearer direction of the future work!


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The three-days journey came to a successful conclusion amid the cheers full of hope, expectation and enthusiasm.

A scholar must be brave, and he has a long way to go! A thousand miles begins with a single step! In the new year, we are full of hope; in the new year, we are ready to go! In addition, as our team slogan says “phoenix nirvana, reborn from ashes”, we hope that the Ministry of Export Department will have a fresh start and celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Tiger with a new success “.

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