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SANVO set up the first Post Doctoral Work Station in 2021

-a small step to work station, a big step to innovation-

On Nov 5, 2021, the first Post Doctoral Work Station was set up in SANVO Fine Chemicals Group. It is the 2nd  Post Doctoral Work Station in Huangpu Town, Zhongshan City, G.D., China.


The Post Doctoral Work Station plays an important role in promoting the introduction of high-level talents, the transformation of scientific research achievements, and the enhancement of independent innovation ability in the Company. It is hoped that the establishment of the Post Doctoral Work Station can help SANVO improve its independent innovation ability and core competitiveness.



During the meeting, Ernest, chairman of the Group, expressed the group’s view on talent and innovation: talent is an important boost to the development of enterprises. The long-term operation of the group requires the unremitting efforts of generations of talents. To this end, the group adheres to the dual-wheel drive of technology and marketing to upgrade research facilities to consolidate the foundation and attract talents to continuously promote innovation. And through the setting up of scientific innovation center and post-doctoral work station, practice base, and other measures will help SANVO to achieve greater success!


In 1994, SANVO produced the first piece of spray paint in Shunde city, G.D., China. It is 27 years anniversary in November 2021, more than 1/4 century past.


And by now, SANVO is a famous and leading brand in many chemical areas of China. There are more than 1000+ distributors in China and all over the world. SANVO aims to be the famous fine chemicals brand in the world. And now, it is on the way!

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