What Kind of Spray Paint to Use on Metal

What is spray paints?

A spray paint, which is also commonly referred to as Aerosol paints, is stored in a pressurized container that is completely sealed. The paint is dispensed once you press the valve located on top of the container. It comes out as compressed air that is propelled and applied in many types of surfaces. Spray painting is among the most used paint applications methods. The other common methods are roller and paintbrush painting.


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The best thing about using spray paint is the quickest method of painting. You press on the valve aiming at your surface and direct your hand to cover the preferred parts. In addition, spray paint can easily achieve a uniform coat. Lastly, it’s the cleanest method of painting that does not leave any residues on the floor.

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Do you know how to choose spray paint used on metal

Spray paint is used on metal for many purposes, including decorating metal processing projects, updating the color of car wheel covers, and even sealing grills to prevent rust. But at different temperatures, the service life of spray paint will be different. Therefore, considering the ambient temperature, it is important to choose spray paint dedicated to metal. Otherwise, it will not have the same adhesion or even chip or peel. Before choosing a spray paint used on metal, you need to consider the following factors:

The first is drying time

If you are painting an exterior object, you need to look for spray paint that will dry before the object is exposed to rain, snow, or high heat. For example, a grill that will be used soon. Spray paints come in different formulations, which makes them have a varying drying time. Normally, oil-based spray paints will dry at a much quicker rate than water-based paints. Generally, water-based spray paint is not suitable for an exterior object.

The second is durability 
If the metal is going to be exposed to extreme conditions, such as high intensity of the sun and moisture, then you need durable paint. If your project spends a lot of time in the sun, you can search for a product with anti-ultraviolet functions. Otherwise, the paint will fade and chip. This can be exposed to these conditions throughout without wearing off easily.

High-temperature range is more important

One common use for spray paint is used on metals that get exposed to high temperatures—for example, a grill, fire pit, and barbecue. On this occasion, spray paints have resistant to high temperatures so that the paint doesn’t peel, melt, or otherwise degrade due to exposure to the heat.


On the other hand, metal has higher thermal conductivity than wood, plastic, and many other materials. This means that even if you do not paint the grill or fire pit, the paint may still be exposed to high temperatures. Think of the metal roof of a workshop under the scorching sun all day. Their surface can become very hot, so choosing your spray paint wisely is the best practice.

Correct Type of paint

The type of paint is a very important factor to consider. When you decide on spray paint for repairs or to touch up a metalworking project, you want to get paint designed for the material and the environment, such as choosing an oil-based enamel spray or a water based acrylic spray. It’s most important to think about where the project or item you want to spray paint will be situated when deciding.

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How to apply your spray paint?

Follow these simple tips to help ensure that your spray paint is applied evenly to your project every time:
1. After the balls in the can begin to rattle, shake your spray can vigorously for the 30s.
2. Test your painting and painting techniques on a piece of scrap until you get a satisfactory result
3. Place the spray paint can 6 to 8 inches away from the item
4. Spraying projects that use a few thin coats of paint instead of a thick coat
5. Use even side-to-side movement
6. Overlap the spray pattern by about one-third each time



3 tips for perfect painting

Pre-treat the metal surface
Why is it the first point of attention? Almost any time, the spray-painting project does not work well. It is because the pretreatment is not done well. Suppose the metal surface has fine particles. You can use sandpaper to polish the metal to remove them for better spraying. If old paint adheres to the metal surface, you can use a degreaser to dissolve it. Thorough removal of the old paint helps the new paint better adhere to the metal surface, thus ensuring the service life of the new paint.


Don’t paint in direct sunlight
Direct sunlight will cause the solvent to evaporate before the paint hits your workpiece, causing tiny clumps on the paint. It will make the surface of your project appear to be covered with some dust or sand.


Fast processing of small parts
If you want to paint small fasteners, such as screws, nails, bolts, cup hooks, and screw holes, it is recommended to stick them on a piece of cardboard. In this way, you can avoid pollution of the surrounding environment, and the firmware can be evenly sprayed.

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